About OBOG Wind Symphony

Established in 2008

Following our inaugural concert, OBOG Live! in 2008, we continued to establish various performing opportunities and have even had the privilege to collaborate with overseas ensembles and conductors for exchanges and concerts. OBOG is also committed in our vision to spread the joy of music to our community and have hence been involved in various events organised by Yuhua Community Centre, as part of their community outreach programme.

Under the direction of our resident conductor, Mr Lim Yean Hwee, OBOG Wind Symphony continues to strive for music excellence and at the same time, engages youths and gives back to the community.

OBOG Wind Symphony is an official IG under Yuhua Community Club.


Resident Conductor

Mr Lim Yean Hwee
Resident Conductor, OBOG Wind Symphony

Mr Lim Yean Hwee is a passionate and avid music educator who has been directing wind ensembles since 1996.

On top of guiding a number of groups to successes at local and regional performances and competitions, he has also contributed to the wind music scene in various capacities including the founding of The Singapore Youth Chamber Winds, The OBOG Wind Orchestra, the co-founding of The Philharmonic Winds and Philharmonic Youth Winds and the creation of the Singapore Ensemble Competition. 

Besides working with groups in Singapore, he has also conducted ensembles from Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and Austria.

Yean Hwee's pedagogical and conducting influences include Mr Lin Ah Leck, Ms Tan Yiang Hoon, Mr Han Chang Chou, Mr Han Xian Guang, Mr Gert Seifert, Professor John Boyd, Ms Wang Yahui, Mr Lim Yau and Professor Rodney Winther. 




Every Saturday, 3 - 6pm

Yuhua Community Club
90 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609958


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